The Bully- Hummingbird Ornament


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My husband and I spend so much time watching the hummingbirds in our yard... their antics are hilariously entertaining. What started with one feeder has become 3, because those guys are hungry. I had a blast making these ornaments. This hummingbird honors the bully of our hummingbird tribe- a feisty male that camps out positioned between our 3 feeders, defending it from all but one female hummer. He's noisy, comically aggressive, and even buzzes me when I'm filling the feeders. We love him. His colors are sparkly translucent green with a deep red breast. His tail is curved and expression a bit determined, just like our little bully.

This ornament is ready to hang with an organza ribbon. It measures approximately 57mm x 46mm.

Ships via USPS First Class Mail.

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