Sunrise Butterfly Pinwheel Bead


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These are a bead style I've been wanting to shake out of my brain for quite some time. It started by wanting to capture the symmetry and repetition in Tiffany stained glass lamps- often with dragonflies. The first ones in this style started with dragonflies, but I wasn't quite happy with them (they'll come at some point). Butterfly wings were the next exploration, and I've had a wonderful time playing with the using the butterfly wing as a repetitive unit. A lot of detail is packed into these beads, but I've tried to keep them on the smaller side (smaller as compared to the chunky pendants I tend to make) to keep them lightweight and very wearable.

This bead has wing patterns in a soft fade from oranges to yellows on one side, and black and white patterns on the other.

The bead measures 28mm x 28mm x 12mm thick, with a 2.5mm bead hole.

Ships free within the US via Priority Mail.