Spiky Caterpillar- Sunset Hues


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This is the second caterpillar I've made in this style- a curved shape that balances nicely on a loop of cord. The patterning is very loosely based off of Hickory Horned Devils (and other horned caterpillars). The base color of this one is TAG Mai Tai (similar to amber purple) over white, accented with white and black detail.

Why caterpillars? As odd as it sounds, caterpillars speak to me as much as adult butterflies and moths do. The larval stage of any insect is often when exciting change and development happens... while adult butterflies are beautiful, that's the end stage. I like potential. So caterpillars (and pupae) are my reminder that the process is to be cherished as much as the destination.

This cute guy measures 70mm x 44mm, and will come strung on cotton cord. Shipping within the US is free, and via USPS Priority Mail.

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