Sparkly Side View Butterfly Pendant


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Did you know that butterfly wings are actually clear? Their vibrant and diverse color comes from the delicate scales that cover butterfly wings. (The name Lepidoptera, the order that includes butterflies and moths is from the latin roots lepid = scale, and ptera = wing.)
This butterfly's color isn't from scales, but from a sparkly green borosilicate glass color. It has a glittery sparkle that's spectacular in sunlight. This pendant is created to capture the posture of a butterfly perched on a flower.
Both sides of the pendant are fully decorated, with a loop positioned behind the top wing. This sparkly green base is edged in black, and accented with white and sparkly green dots.

The pendant comes ready to wear, strung on a length of black cotton cord. It measures 57mm x 40mm, with a 3-4 mm loop. It is borosilicate glass, created entirely in the flame, and is fully annealed.
Ships free within the US via USPS Priority Mail.

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