Purple-dotted Side-view Butterfly Pendant


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Butterflies often serve as a symbol of transformation and positive change. Caterpillars voraciously feed for weeks, preparing for metamorphosis. Adult butterflies emerge weeks later as a vastly different creature and start their search for a mate to start the cycle again.
This pendant is created to capture the posture of a butterfly perched on a flower.
Both sides of the pendant are fully decorated, with a loop positioned behind the top wing. With shades of soft ambers, sparkly greens, and dot detail in white and variegated blues/ purples, this butterfly celebrates our love of the natural world.

The pendant comes ready to wear, strung on a length of black cotton cord. It measures 47mm x 31mm, with a 3-4 mm loop. It is borosilicate glass, created entirely in the flame, and is fully annealed.
Ships free within the US via USPS Priority Mail.

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