Portfolio of Past Work

While the pieces I create are one-of-a-kind, I may be able to create a custom piece for you in specific colors/ themes. Please contact me to discuss!

Butterfly Pinwheel/ Mandala


These beads, pendants and marbles utilize butterfly wing patterning as a repetitive unit. They are first flameworked and then I hand paint the detail with vitreous enamel. Each piece is carefully returned to the flame to vitrify the enamels onto the surface of the piece.

Borosilicate Butterflies


While most of the insect-themed soda lime work I create is first flameworked, and then hand-painted with vitreous enamels, these are created entirely in the flame. Borosilicate offers different opportunties for scale and complexity, and I'm very much enjoying the journey of exploration.

Butterfly Wing Necklaces

late 2015-current
These necklaces draw on the imagery of Monarch butterflies clustered on pine trees as they overwinter. All include flameworked butterfly wings, macrame, and beads.

2018 Custom Butterfly Mezuzah


Collaborative Projects- 2017

Articulated Butterflies with Kim Edwards
Collaborative Butterfly Dish and Butterflies with Jason Gordon




2013 - present

Bees/ Honey/ Honeycomb/ Honeypots

2009 - present


While the style and complexity have changed over the years, I've been making Maze beads since 2005. Regardless of the style, the linework on each bead or marble creates a fully solvable maze, navigable from pole to pole, or end to end.

Caterpillars and Chrysalids

2009- present


2005- present


Other bugs